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Justice for Kollin Elderts! Demonstration at First Circuit Court

Livestreamed and took some photos at the Justice for Kollin Elderts demonstration in front of the First Circuit Court in Honolulu. Elderts was shot and killed by Federal Special Agent Christopher Deedy whose trial has been ongoing for the past couple of weeks and is expected to continue for a couple more.

The demonstration was called by the Honolulu chapter of World Canʻt Wait and Ohana Koa to demand justice and to remind the Elderts ohana that people will remember and continue to demand justice.

Link to the Flickr set:

My livestream video is being processed and Iʻll mount it here as soon as possible.

H. Doug Matsuoka
30 July 2013

Day 628 brings raid #74, the first Bill 7 raid on deOccupy Honolulu

Newly passed Bill 7 allows the police to take tents, clothes, food, and anything at all from anyone on the sidewalk. It has been used to raid other homeless encampments, but not deOccupy Honolulu. Until tonight.

Complete flickr set here:

Jun Yang, the Executive Director of the Mayorʻs Office of Housing was at the raid. I got a chance to try to school him but wasnʻt very successful at it:

What does this mean? Is this the end of deOccupy? Who will speak for the homeless?

Stay tuned...

H. Doug Matsuoka
26 July 2013
Makiki, Honolulu

City won't return homeless Joe's property

The City of Honolulu won't return homeless Joe's property even though it was seized illegally in the first place. This is a follow up to yesterday's unedited video by AlohaRevolution which described how the City illegally seized his and Makalani's property.

"Joe and Makalani's property was illegally confiscated this week during a City raid. According to the City's rules and PR campaign, it should be easy to get them back. It's not."

The City of Honolulu and deOccupy Honolulu are bound by a Stipulated Order approved in Federal District Court that among other things prohibits tents to be entered without a warrant, and that "A person claiming ownership of a tent that has been tagged for impoundment will be provided an opportunity, before the tent is impounded, to remove all untagged contents of the tent."

Also, at paragraph 1(h) "At the time a person produces an impoundment notification with the specified bin number and attests to owne…

What's it like being homeless?

With Honolulu's Bill 7 (now Ordinance 13-08) allowing immediate seizure and destruction of homeless people's personal property, life on the street is even tougher. The City hopes for an out of sight, out of mind effect on the community. It's worked before. Will it work this time? Hope not.

This interview with a homeless (or "displaced" as some say) couple by Youtuber AlohaRevolution is worth a watch.

"Two residents of Thomas Square tell the story of how they were abused by the City and HPD. Filmed on the eve of the expected Bill 7 raids on the houseless (which were deemed unconstitutional bu the US Supreme Court, but are scheduled anyway)."

Here's a primer on Swastika-ready Bill 7 by Ground Level Media.

More as the Bill 7 story unfolds...

H. Doug Matsuoka
2 July 2013
Makiki, Honolulu

Rich Rath Reports: Bill 7 and the Refugee Population of Hawai‘i

Special report to the DougNote by Rich Rath

City and County of Honolulu's latest attack on Hawaiʻi's houseless population went into effect today.  At about 9 AM this morning, (July 1) the city came and confiscated/stole the property of about 15 of our most vulnerable citizens, our refugee population from the violence of poverty afflicted on them through low wages, high housing costs, failure of mental health services, and more.   I interviewed two who were there and four more who had heard about it.  About five people remained in the park near the convention center, while others fled to another location.

They are continually harassed by police as well as by thieves and other abusive people.  One had his pockets cut out of his pants while he was wearing them, taking all his cash as he napped.  Many scrape by through recycling bottles and cans, which keeps the city neater and greener.

Under the new law, the city declares a site a public nuisance and clears it with no notice. S…