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Caught in the act, a "Guerrilla Video" roundup

Some of the most historically significant film/video footage has been caught by regular folk on humble equipment and then employed in the interest of social justice by holding people accountable. I call this Guerrilla Video.

I like this definition of "guerrilla" from "A member of an irregular, usually indigenous military or paramilitary unit operating in small bands in occupied territory to harass and undermine the enemy, as by surprise raids." The term has been used to describe the underfunded soldiers of the American revolution and the people's army of Vietnam alike.

Video can be used as weapon for social justice. It was someone testing out some new video equipment in 1991 when he inadvertently caught California police beating Rodney King. And more recently, who would have believed a BART police officer would brutally shoot Oscar Grant in the back without seeing the cell phone video?

Although fortunately not as fatal, a number of loc…