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The banner story: The Raul Gonzalez Kanawai Mamalahoe

From its creation at the deOccupy Honolulu encampment to its illegal seizure the next day by police in a raid to its position in front of the official color guard of the Martin Luther King Day march through Waikiki, the true story of the Kanawai Mamalahoe banner by artist Raul Gonzalez.

Last year, when a couple of friends and I started Hawaiʻi Guerrilla Video, it was to continue doing what we were already doing: photograph, video, and livestream front-line social justice action in Hawaiʻi. People have to see whatʻs going on in their own community to be able to do the right thing, but the commercial media doesn't do an adequate job. People in many communities rely on independent media to get them the info they need. And not only did we want to provide coverage, but make the path from the street to the community broader and smoother for other videographers, journalists, and self-documentors.

I tell people that the First Amendment is the new Second Amendment, that to defend our free…

ʻAʻole GMO! No GMO! march to the Hawaii State Capitol 1/16/2013

While legislators were participating in opening ceremonies in the air conditioned comfort of chambers, others were in the hot sun marching toward them in record numbers.

It was an epic and historic gathering of like minded people from a broad demographic. My cellcam guerrilla video canʻt come close to capturing the grandeur of being with all these amazing people. Will the legislators hear us this time? What else do we have to do to get their attention?

There was a stage, microphones, and a PA system once we got to the Capitol. Speakers included Indiaʻs foremost anti-GMO activist, Dr. Vandana Shiva.

Homelessness dilema: No one home at the House

This story is too precious not to share: Thinking I might be interested, activist James W. Macey sends me an email with notices of two informational briefings at the State Legislature about homelessness. Oh yes I am interested! There are two scheduled one after the other on Tuesday, 1/8/13, and the second one at 10am specifically addresses "designating safe facilities located at camping areas." That's something someone documenting the deOccupy Honolulu encampment this past more than one year might find fascinating.

The hearing notice also expresses wanting to hear from a long list of relevant State of Hawaii department directors, and the mayors of all four counties. I gotta go to this thing and get the info. Are our public officials planning an escalation of the criminalization of the homeless? Are they going to continue to deprive the poor of the protection of law and the constitution (both State and Fed versions)?

So I get there a little early. This is going to be good…