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Quick update and reminder: Peace Activist Laulani Teale's trial Day 5, all day 11/9/2012

Sorry I've been so out of touch. I plead a tired old "too much to keep track of" and "I promise a comprehensive update" on things like deOccupy Honolulu's 1 year anniversary. The one continuous year occupation of the Ward and Beretania corner makes it the most enduring encampment in the entire Occupy Movement worldwide.
But that's a long story. Just wanted to remind all that Day 5 of the trial of Laulani Teale will be today (Friday, November 9) at District Court. It's scheduled all day on the 7th floor starting at 8:30am in courtroom delta (7D) and changing in the afternoon at 1:30pm to courtroom alpha (yup, 7A). Laulani Teale is the activist who was arrested on disorderly conduct charges when trying to talk to Mayor Carlisle at the last May Day Lei Day celebration. Iʻm a witness. Or I should say, my video recording is a witness.
Yes, Hawaii Guerrilla Video's Kamuela Vance Viveiros will be covering the courtroom proceedings, but I will be hangi…