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The 1st Amendment is the new 2nd Amendment

OK, so itʻs past midnight and I have to go to sleep. Iʻm going to be a witness in the ever continuing trial of Laulani Teale later on today (Wed 10/17/12). Actually, before her trial, the Court will hear whether the Hawaii Guerrilla Video Hui can continue the court coverage it was granted by the original judge in the trial. Judge Paula Devens doubted that the original order allowing us to provide media coverage was "providently granted" and halted the trial to avoid media coverage. The ACLU supports our right for continuing coverage of the trial -- Iʻm a member of the named "Hawaii Guerrilla Video Hui."

My recorded livestream of the Teale arrest itself contradicts the testimony of the prosecutionʻs witnesses -- all of them City and County of Honolulu employees. Whether they will allow the video or not, Iʻll be able to show it to you so you can decide.
Which brings me to this point. I hear 2nd Amendment proponents talking all kinds of stuff about how the right to ke…