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Day 207: Raid 22 tags Off Artwork and Tents

[Itʻs hard keeping up with the Bill 54 seizure raids. My last post was on 5/21 and Raid 19, which was a "tagging" raid, which begot the seizure raid on May 22 (Raid 20). Then another raid (the third in three days) came on May 23, where some Freedom Furniture was taken, but tents not tagged, and that would be Raid 21.]

Armed police under the direction of Westley Chun, Director of the Department of Facilities Maintenance (the pothole fixers) and a small group of City personnel conducted a Bill 54 tagging raid on the (de)Occupy Honolulu encampment on the corner of Ward and S. Beretania this morning around 9:30am. 
Unlike the previous three raids, the area was not sealed off with crime tape. The group tagged tents, Freedom Furniture, and artwork created for the successful May 25, Off Art After Dark (permitted) event in the park. 

(de)Occupy Honolulu by the Numbers: Day 198, Raid 19

Just to document the count of days and count of raids on (de)Occupy Honolulu, I submit a photo from todayʻs Bill 54 tagging raid:

(click to embiggen)
The Honolulu Police Department and Department of Facilities Maintenance under Westley Chun and the Office of Housing under Coordinator Trish Morikawa raided (de)Occupy Honolulu this morning around 8.30am. This is the 19th raid in the encampmentʻs 198 day history of continuous encampment at Thomas Square. 
The tag on this plant means that it is subject to seizure 24 hours from now when (presumably) the Honolulu Police Department and Department of Facilities Maintenance will return with dump trucks to trash the place once more. They have trampled, dug up, or seized all plant life the encampment has attempted to grow.

Laulani Tealeʻs "Mele O Kaho‘olawe" at (De)Occupy Honolulu

I meant to post this video of Laulani Teale singing "Mele O Kaho‘olawe" last week as part of the 22nd anniversary of the islandʻs return from the military, and thatʻs certainly why Laulani sang it at the April 29, Food Not Bombs jam session at (De)Occupy Honolulu. But the police decided to stage a raid the next morning to seize the artwork that was being created at the very time Laulani was singing, and that really messed up my schedule.

To make matters worse, on May 1, when Laulani approached Mayor Carlisle at the Cityʻs annual Lei Day ceremony, a group of policemen arrested her and injured her hands in the process. Laulani and her mom have participated in this event as lei makers for years. I donʻt know if the cops knew she was a lei maker and musician who depends on her hands, but they seem to have gone out of their way to cause injury. Iʻm glad to have caught this performance for posterity.

Before she started singing, she told us, "This is a song in Hawaiian by this…

Madori Rumpungworn arrested in Raid 18 on (De)Occupy Honolulu

[Update of 10/22/2013: Madori was found guilty of Obstruction of Government Operations and sentenced to 30 days incarceration at Oahu Community Correctional Center. Supporters have started a petition calling for an end to the raids on deOccupy Honolulu and the houseless and for defenders of human rights like Madori to be freed. Click here for petition. Doug]

(De)Occupy Honolulu, Day 180 of continuous encampment at Thomas Square: (De)Occupy Honolulu protester Madori Rumpungworn was arrested during Honolulu Police Department's 18th* raid on the encampment -- the third raid in four days. Despite the escalation of attacks by police, (De)Occupy Honolulu remains one of the most enduring encampments in the worldwide Occupy Movement.

HPD and City crews under the direction of Westley Chun (Director of Facilities Maintenance and Engineering) and Trish Morikawa (Coordinator of Office of Housing) raided the encampment and tagged items and seized some chairs and property. No tents were seized b…

Peace Activist arrested during Lei Day program at Kapiolani Park

[Updated 5/8/2012 12:36 am: Edited version of arrest added.]

Peace activist and Hawaiian cultural practitioner Laulani Teale was arrested during the City of Honolulu's annual Lei Day May 1 festival at Kapiolani Park when she and a group of 6 protesters including artist Michael Daley tried approaching Mayor Carlisle to ask him to return the Kānāwai Māmalahoe banner and other artwork the police and City crews unlawfully seized from the (De)Occupy Honolulu encampment. Teale was the only one arrested.

Teale had made a public request for a demonstration at the Lei Day ceremonies in which she and her mother have participated as lei makers for many years.

Edited version of the live stream video of the demonstration and arrest:

The artwork by artist Raul Gonzalez and two other paintings by artist Michael Daley were to be used at the May 1st celebration for which (De)Occupy Honolulu had obtained a permit. Video: