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Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner Laulani Teale calls for return of banner

MAY 1st, 2012 9 A.M., Kapiʻolani Park

My name is Laulani Teale.  I am a Hawaiian cultural practitioner from Oʻahu.  Tomorrow, I should be helping my mother, a longtime lei maker and Hawaiian kupuna, to share our Hawaiian culture at the City and County’s Lei Day event at Kapiʻolani Park, as we have done for many years.  Instead, I will be raising my voice in protest at the event, along with others who have been abused by the City.  Here is why.
Yesterday, internationally-renowned mural artist Raul Gonzalez painted a beautiful banner in order to help the Hawaiian people to celebrate Kānāwai Māmalahoe, the Law of the Splintered Paddle, which was declared by Kamehameha I in order to protect the people of Hawaiʻi from governmental abuse, and enshrined in the Hawaii State Constitution.  I was the coordinator for this effort.  The banner was to be used tomorrow during the General Strik…

Artwork singled out for seizure in Raid 15 on (De)Occupy Honolulu

[updated 4/30/2012, 11:47pm HST]

(De)Occupy Honolulu, 30 April 2012, Day 177 of continuous encampment: Ten heavily armed Honolulu Police Department officers accompanied by about a dozen City workers under the direction of Westley Chun, Director of Facilities Maintenance and Engineering, taped off the portion of Thomas Square sidewalk used by (De)Occupy Honolulu and forced protestors outside the perimeter. Since the tents had been rotated out after Raid 14 on April 27, none were subject to seizure under the "Bill 54" ordinance 11-029.

But one tent containing newly produced artwork by Hawaii artist Michael Daley  and California artist Raul Gonzalez was singled out for seizure along with two large paintings which had just been completed the previous afternoon. Westley Chun directed the seizure of the tent, the artwork, and newly acquired paints and art supplies.

Raid 14 on (De)Occupy Honolulu brings call for Forum Freedom Furniture

(De)Occupy Honolulu, day 174 of Thomas Square encampment: Seven armed Honolulu Police Department personnel, and City crews under the direction of Director of Facilities Maintenance Westley Chun and Coordinator of Office of Housing Trish Morikawa conducted a seizure raid on Occupy Honolulu today at around 11:30am. Counting the Bill 54 tagging and seizure raids of April 9, 10, 12, and 26, this is raid number 14. (Tagging raids 13A and 13B were on April 9 and 10, with companion seizure raid on April 12.)

After yesterday's tagging raid, (De)Occupy Honolulu rotated all tents out to supporters' private property to disqualify them from seizure under "Bill 54" (ordinance 11-029) which requires property to be "stored" for 24 hours on public property after being tagged. However, chairs, desks, and a really comfortable sofa which were tagged yesterday were seized. These items are either gleaned from Makiki curbsides or contributed by supporters.

Why do people support …

Video Resource Guide: The Kea‘au Beach Park evictions of April 2012

The 2012 Kea‘au Beach Park Evictions last week were the most heavily covered Leeward evictions that I can remember. A large group of community activists (including members of the recently organized Hawai‘i Guerrilla Video Hui) converged on the area in the weeks leading up to the City & County of Honolulu's "Bill 54" deadline of April 16, 2012.

Adopt-A-Tent program reaps artistic and literary bonus

Mahalo to all (De)Occupy Honolulu supporters who continue to provide Freedom Furniture for the Public Forum. These items are the most difficult to protect from seizure by the HPD and City crews and their lifetime in public service is necessarily rather short. The last raids were on April 9, 10, and 12.

Of course, HPD and the City haven't at all bothered to follow the law on the seizure of tents, seizing untagged tents, tarps and other stuff necessary for living on the sidewalk outside the park. So another big mahalo to those donating such gear needed to maintain a 24/7 vigil over the Public Forum.

A special mahalo to the masked man who has not only dropped off tents and Freedom Supplies several times, but often accompanies the donations with a limerick (and please do keep limerick meter when reciting please):

The recent expeditionary encampment in front of Central Pacific Plaza gained some attention as well:

You are a bloody red mist of behavior data with a wallet

Or maybe a bomb. Oh, some DNA too, and a bunch of "likes," manias, and fears to spend as you can. Hmm, kind of a creepy day, today. Enough so to make a special post describing it.

Before even getting out of bed I'm seeing the news of Facebook's acquisition of Instagram.

I've been a big fan of Instagram and have remained friendly even after its recent policy of admitting Android users. The more shots of butt tattoos and exotic desserts the better. And although it's a photo sharing kind of app it lets you use an almost limitless number of words compared to Twitter and that allows for some involved dialog. It's an illustrated micro-blogging platform based around a single photo at a time. Very cool.

But it made me sad that the current "success story" is to create something cool, then be acquired, as though the coolest thing in the Universe is to be eaten by the biggest fish (Facebook or Google) which in the process creates massive sets of aggregate…

(De)Occupy Honolulu expands encampment into Honolulu Financial District

Photo from Saturday, April 7, 2012
(De)Occupy Honolulu's usual "Financial Friday" foray into Honolulu's financial district took another step forward when the group decided to encamp on the sidewalk outside Central Pacific Plaza overnight. While maintaining an encampment at Thomas Square (in its 154th day of continuous encampment) a mile away, a group expanded its reach to the corner of King and Alakea Streets. That expeditionary force arrived Friday, April 6, and began a sidewalk protest.

Instagram from @hahayourefunny. "Keeping class warfare sexy too!" From Friday, 4/6/12
The group targeted the headquarters of Central Pacific Financial Corp for the loss of $61 million of the $135 million in TARP funds it received. While overcompensating its executives, it continues foreclosures against homeowners. "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!"