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No On Bill 54: Quick links to Bill 54 info

[updated 11/22/11 10:43am]

Just some quick links here to information about Bill 54 that might be useful for the final hearing currently scheduled for December 7, 2011, at Honolulu Hale.  Comments follow the links (all of which are to pdf files).

Bill 54
Bill Status (scroll down for links to submitted testimony)
The rest of the testimony (if all the testimony is missing from above, it's here) Use the drop down menu to scroll to the last couple of pages.
Minutes of the first hearing on Bill 54 on October 5
City Council hearing video archive

Submit testimony by email (preferably include your registered voter name and address)
Online speaker registration (for Dec 7 hearing)

This is being written on November 21, so things may have moved since today.

For information and help call City Council at 768-5010.  Navigating through the City Council docushare system is difficult.  I had help from Allyson Hong, Senior Council Information Specialist 768-3822.