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"Princess Ka‘iulani" Twitter acct masquerading as an official State of Hawaii account...

...but it's probably NOT an account coming from the Hawaii Tourism Authority as I suspected (quite publicly) earlier.
Yesterday I posted an entry describing the unpleasant surprise I experienced when I thought I had discovered that a newly formed Twitter account, "Princess Ka‘iulani" was a shill for the Hawaii Tourism Authority.  The account only had four tweets to its (royal) name and those were travel and "affordable vacation" type posts.  The account lists which was registered by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.
Well, I got this email this afternoon:
Aloha e Doug,
My name is Keli'i Wilson and I am the Director of Hawaiian Cultural Affairs at the Hawai'i Tourism Authority.  I saw your blog about the Princess Ka'iulani Twitter page.  I have to say that I agree with you completely, it is very insensitive to use our Ali'i in that way.  However, I must let you know that the page, the campaign or whatever else they are trying to promote…

Something cheap and offensive [NOT] from the Hawaii Tourism Authority

[Update 06/27/2011, 4:05pm: The "Princess Ka‘iulani" Twitter account described below is NOT the work of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.  Click here for updated info.  Doug]

When I got an email this morning telling me "Princess Ka‘iulani is now following you on Twitter!" I thought for sure it was a Hawaiian sovereignty activist account.  Who else would assume the persona of such an outspoken opponent of the annexation of Hawaii?  Boy, was I wrong.

For Dad on Father's Day

Neuroscientists now tell us that memory is a creative and plastic artifact subject to our own willful and inadvertent influence, the most powerful of which, I think, is the compulsion to understand things as coherent narratives.  But judging from what I hear from friends, associates, and regular ol' people on the street, most people's parent-narratives are about as plausible as their religious ones.  We keep our fathers and "Our Father's" in tiny little self-serving boxes.  And come to think of it, I guess most of us keep our own selves in some tiny boxes too.  Not saying this is good or bad or whatever.