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I could have missed the whole era...

I’m looking forward to heading out to Cape Canaveral in a couple of days to participate in the NASA Tweetup for the last launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour.  Yes, it uses the Brit spelling because it’s named after the HMS Endeavor, the ship commanded by Captain Cook on his first voyage.  Cook’s official mission was to observe and record the transit of Venus from Tahiti to help Royal Astronomer Nevil Maskelyne develop methods for the accurate computation of longitude.

Daily Arsenal for 04/07/11 (now with robot musician)

It's hard for me to keep myself consolidated.  Or maybe I should say, it's hard to keep my self consolidated.  My posterous site is my Twitter media server so I've been posting there a lot.  There is a part of me that has an interest in various old stuff and old tech (like fountain pens) as quality of life issues.

Anyway, I've also been learning iMovie and GarageBand for iPad recently (like this afternoon) and here's something I'm cross posting here because... Well, I don't know.

So this is an experimental "daily arsenal" post about what I'm using today...

7 April 2011 / Makiki, Honolulu