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Medieval page layout smackdown

OK, so to continue from the other day, I'm testing out how pages look using different medieval page layout systems.  I drew boxes using Van de Graaf secret canon and Villard de Honnecourt's diagram.  Then I filled in the boxes with the trivial events and ideas of my life to see how they looked.  The Van de Graaf gives a text box of 44% of the page, and the Villard de Honnencourt 56%.  
Note to self: Relearn how to hyphenate.

Getting a bit medieval

I'm not trying to get calligraphic or anything (really) but I have a project where I write things by hand into an A4 journal.  I know there will be corrections and editions so I have been writing only on the right page, leaving the left page blank.  Well, that looks dumb.  So I thought instead of using the entire page, I'd use both left and right pages, but leave a big margin for corrections and comments just like medieval manuscripts.  That means I'll pencil a box of a certain dimension on each page and write within the box.  I wondered what the "proper" dimensions of the text box, or even if there were such a thing as a "proper" dimension.

J.A. Van de Graaf wondered the same thing after studying manuscripts and early books of the last half of the 15th century.  Using the tools and methods of the era, he derived a system of dividing book pages using a "secret canon."  
I traced out a few pages of my journal using the secret canon and it made my…