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We are all immigrants from the past. Or will be.

One day you will fall asleep in your quarters high in the imperial tower of the capital of Now. You will awaken in a ditch in some cornfield out in the sticks.
Actually not. You will awaken in the same tower in the same city, but while you were sleeping, the capital of Now will have changed locations. You will have to find out where it has moved and pack your bags. After a while you will become used to this – perhaps even good at it -- and learn to pack light.

The new capital of Now, New Capital, is a bit like Old Capital, but the practices are a bit different. As you have done a number of times before, you will learn the new ways, the new practices, the new language.

Dream transcription with soundtrack #1

Share Improvisation on Handel: Largo ("Ombra Mai Fu", 'Xerxes') by Gabriela Montero
[Note: Soundtrack will open in new window.  If you aren't a subscriber, you can sign in for free.  This is the only way I could get this particular piece of music here.]

The King of Persia from the shade of his balcony gazes into the distance.  The depth of the sky suspends a vast city of clouds below which a network of buildings and streets are mirrored.

A drop of ink falls into a glass of clear water creating an ink-flower that blossoms words that form and disappear.  These words have come to many people by turn over the years just as they come and go here. Strands of ink coil and uncoil, form and dissolve in gentle currents.  
...things continue... ...continue by becoming... ...becoming something... ...something they are not... continuing... ...they cease to be... ...what they were... ceasing to be... ...what they were... ...they continue...
There are many more words…