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Update: Blogger doesn't suck as much as it used to

Blogger now has some pretty decent mobile templates. This is how DougNote used to look on an iPhone:

And this is how it looks now -- you can actually read the text:

Prediction: Apple will redefine cloud media services using the iPad 2

OK, the iPad 2, I got it figured out.  [Oh, and I was going to post a thing saying where I've been and why I've been away etc. but later okay?]  This post will lack links to sources and support for my speculation because there really isn't any.  This is indeed speculation, a guess, but a smart one (IMHO) that I haven't seen anyone venture and I want some credit when it comes to pass.
This post predicts what the iPad 2 will be about.  First, here's some footage of Apple's huge data center in North Carolina.  It's finished, it's warm, it's ready to go: