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Love, Truth, and Action: John Kelly's 3 requirements for activists

[I found this essay, originally published in 1997 and simply titled, "Save Our Surf" at Hawaiian Sovereignty activist Dennis "Bumpy" Kanahele's Hawaii-Nation website. I have retitled it and added headings and illustrations. All illustrations are from the University of Hawaii's digital collection of Kelly's pamphlets, posters, and photos. The are from protests and demonstrations dating back to the 1960's. 

Kelly's Save Our Surf (SOS) group started in the late 1960's in an effort to protect surfing and fishing sites that were being threatened by corporate development. Not only was SOS successful in those efforts, it helped create legislation protecting our natural resources, and was behind the creation of the first inventory of the public use of Hawaii's shoreline on all islands. — H. Doug Matsuoka]

Love, Truth, and Action
by John Kelly

One often hears dismay over differences among the various [Hawaiian] sovereignty movements today. We belie…

Let the lawmakers hear: The people speak out for GMO labeling

Like a lot of people, I was disappointed that the Honolulu City & County left mandatory GMO labeling out of its Resolution 11-339 which will go to the State Legislature for action.  The other three counties (Kaua‘i, Maui, and Hawaii Island) included that in their draft of the Hawaii State Association of Counties Legislative Package that the Hawaii Legislature will look at in 2012.

And like a lot of you, I sat through the hours of testimony that were overwhelmingly FOR the mandatory labeling of GMO products. There was a lot of written testimony submitted too, and I wondered how many were for GMO labeling, and how many against.

The Council's web document sharing system links all submitted testimony, but doesn't label it "For" or "Against." I'd think that kind of info would be helpful to the council members, but what do I know.  I decided to look at every piece of testimony, tally it up and present it here...

Competing GMO corporations sit at the same table in Hawaii

[Update for 2013: This was written for the 2012 Hawaii Legislative session and is still current except the President of the association listed here as Monsantoʻs Perlak was replaced by Syngentaʻs Pillipson.] 

While reviewing the testimony submitted in opposition to the mandatory labeling of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products in Honolulu City Council Resolution 11-339, I wasn’t surprised to see lobbyists for huge chemical corporations like Monsanto and Syngenta.   I’m new at this and not familiar with the “players” so when I saw the name of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, I decided to take a look and find out what they were about. In their testimony in opposition to GMO labeling, they describe themselves as “a nonprofit trade association representing the seed industry in Hawaii.” How cool, right? Wrong! I tried to find out more about them by researching their officers and directors.  Here’s a breakdown:
Position Name From President Fred Perlak Monsanto (Hawaii Lobbyist) Vice …

Let the people speak - Label GMO's! Support Resolution 11-339 (Hearing 12/7/11 Honolulu City Council)

[updated 12/5/11 9:29pm]

Not only will the Honolulu City Council be acting on Bill 54 (further criminalizing homelessness and protest) on Wednesday, 12/7/11, but it will also have a chance to pass Resolution 11-339 which contains a provision requiring the labeling of GMO foods! As one would expect, the item has already incurred strong opposition by food product lobbyists, and GMO giants Monsanto and Syngenta.

Now let the people speak out in support of Resolution 11-339 and the labeling of GMO foods!  Here are some quick links to help you do that:

Honolulu City & County Agenda for Wednesday, 12/7/2011 (with links to Bill 54, and Resolution 11-339)

UPDATE of 12/05/2011: Councilmember Tom Berg will be offering a floor amendment which includes the provision for the mandatory labeling of GMO products.  This is "Resolution 11-339, CD1, Proposed FD1 (TB)" in the above Agenda.  The other version does not have the GMO provision. 

Resolution 11-339 Status (which includes links to th…

No On Bill 54: Quick links to Bill 54 info

[updated 11/22/11 10:43am]

Just some quick links here to information about Bill 54 that might be useful for the final hearing currently scheduled for December 7, 2011, at Honolulu Hale.  Comments follow the links (all of which are to pdf files).

Bill 54
Bill Status (scroll down for links to submitted testimony)
The rest of the testimony (if all the testimony is missing from above, it's here) Use the drop down menu to scroll to the last couple of pages.
Minutes of the first hearing on Bill 54 on October 5
City Council hearing video archive

Submit testimony by email (preferably include your registered voter name and address)
Online speaker registration (for Dec 7 hearing)

This is being written on November 21, so things may have moved since today.

For information and help call City Council at 768-5010.  Navigating through the City Council docushare system is difficult.  I had help from Allyson Hong, Senior Council Information Specialist 768-3822.

To my 7 billion closest friends

The headlines tell me that the human population will hit 7 billion any day now so I thought I’d take a moment to say hello and, yay I’m happy for the company!

But I’m sad that so many of us are having such a hard time.  And by hard time I’m talking about extreme poverty to the point of starving to death.  Not to get overly techno about this, but the way I’m thinking about this uses this image: if every human were a streaming-media node feeding data into a network, even taking into account all the alleluias and birthday parties, sex, drugs and rock n roll, the aggregated data stream would be dominated by pain and misery.

And it doesn’t make me feel any better that some of you are living high on the hog because you one percenters are causing so much of the suffering in the first place.  Okay, that’s my own political bias showing through and this is supposed to be a cheerful message to all of us and I got off on kind of a downer note so forget I wrote any of this.

Anyway, on the brigh…

A few words on moms (for the family of Setsuko Nao Hamasaki)

[I was asked to say a few words at the funeral of a close family and personal friend.  Someone asked me to post it, so here it is.  Doug]

As you've heard, our families have been close for a couple of generations.  And, I think I’m up here partly because I know what it's like to lose your mother.  Mine passed away several years ago, and I know there are people here who have suffered the same thing recently.

An Undercurrent of innovative poetry from the Pacific

I spent the last few months with Richard Hamasaki recording and mixing an album of amplified poetry by Craig Santos Perez and Nālani Brandy McDougall.  The first online store to have it up was Appleʻs iTunes Store which took all of a day from my sending it to them putting it up on the web.
I love the access provided by digital media, but you know what I miss?  Liner notes!  I submitted liner notes, but iTunes doesnʻt include them on downloads at the moment.  So, herewith, I present the "official" liner notes:

A question about technology from the portability of grandeur in the form of a prelude and fugue [with performance notes]

[This work is something of a performance piece for consciousness. Since the form is uncommon, in this version I provide some performance notes (here in blue italic throughout).  The notations are like the dynamic markings and fingerings and bowing marks an editor would add as suggestions to a musical score.  The thematic elements of #technology, #portability, and #grandeur or hashtagged throughout.  Of course, some may prefer the urtext edition which remains mounted.  And some may prefer to ignore both equally.  As you wish.]

If anyone was wondering if I made it to Cape Canaveral for the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour after making the NASA Tweetup list (“I could have missed the whole era,”) well, yes, I did.  Twice.   
And again my continuing journey requires an associative mapping through time to traverse.  Not precise, but necessary for me to maintain my location and direct my pivots.

A question about technology from the portability of grandeur in the form of a prelude and fugue

[Note that this essay is also available with performance notes here.]

If anyone was wondering if I made it to Cape Canaveral for the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour after making the NASA Tweetup list (“I could have missed the whole era,”) well, yes, I did.  Twice.   
And again my continuing journey requires an associative mapping through time to traverse.  Not precise, but necessary for me to maintain my location and direct my pivots.

"Princess Ka‘iulani" Twitter acct masquerading as an official State of Hawaii account...

...but it's probably NOT an account coming from the Hawaii Tourism Authority as I suspected (quite publicly) earlier.
Yesterday I posted an entry describing the unpleasant surprise I experienced when I thought I had discovered that a newly formed Twitter account, "Princess Ka‘iulani" was a shill for the Hawaii Tourism Authority.  The account only had four tweets to its (royal) name and those were travel and "affordable vacation" type posts.  The account lists which was registered by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.
Well, I got this email this afternoon:
Aloha e Doug,
My name is Keli'i Wilson and I am the Director of Hawaiian Cultural Affairs at the Hawai'i Tourism Authority.  I saw your blog about the Princess Ka'iulani Twitter page.  I have to say that I agree with you completely, it is very insensitive to use our Ali'i in that way.  However, I must let you know that the page, the campaign or whatever else they are trying to promote…

Something cheap and offensive [NOT] from the Hawaii Tourism Authority

[Update 06/27/2011, 4:05pm: The "Princess Ka‘iulani" Twitter account described below is NOT the work of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.  Click here for updated info.  Doug]

When I got an email this morning telling me "Princess Ka‘iulani is now following you on Twitter!" I thought for sure it was a Hawaiian sovereignty activist account.  Who else would assume the persona of such an outspoken opponent of the annexation of Hawaii?  Boy, was I wrong.

For Dad on Father's Day

Neuroscientists now tell us that memory is a creative and plastic artifact subject to our own willful and inadvertent influence, the most powerful of which, I think, is the compulsion to understand things as coherent narratives.  But judging from what I hear from friends, associates, and regular ol' people on the street, most people's parent-narratives are about as plausible as their religious ones.  We keep our fathers and "Our Father's" in tiny little self-serving boxes.  And come to think of it, I guess most of us keep our own selves in some tiny boxes too.  Not saying this is good or bad or whatever.

I could have missed the whole era...

I’m looking forward to heading out to Cape Canaveral in a couple of days to participate in the NASA Tweetup for the last launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour.  Yes, it uses the Brit spelling because it’s named after the HMS Endeavor, the ship commanded by Captain Cook on his first voyage.  Cook’s official mission was to observe and record the transit of Venus from Tahiti to help Royal Astronomer Nevil Maskelyne develop methods for the accurate computation of longitude.

Daily Arsenal for 04/07/11 (now with robot musician)

It's hard for me to keep myself consolidated.  Or maybe I should say, it's hard to keep my self consolidated.  My posterous site is my Twitter media server so I've been posting there a lot.  There is a part of me that has an interest in various old stuff and old tech (like fountain pens) as quality of life issues.

Anyway, I've also been learning iMovie and GarageBand for iPad recently (like this afternoon) and here's something I'm cross posting here because... Well, I don't know.

So this is an experimental "daily arsenal" post about what I'm using today...

7 April 2011 / Makiki, Honolulu

Medieval page layout smackdown

OK, so to continue from the other day, I'm testing out how pages look using different medieval page layout systems.  I drew boxes using Van de Graaf secret canon and Villard de Honnecourt's diagram.  Then I filled in the boxes with the trivial events and ideas of my life to see how they looked.  The Van de Graaf gives a text box of 44% of the page, and the Villard de Honnencourt 56%.  
Note to self: Relearn how to hyphenate.

Getting a bit medieval

I'm not trying to get calligraphic or anything (really) but I have a project where I write things by hand into an A4 journal.  I know there will be corrections and editions so I have been writing only on the right page, leaving the left page blank.  Well, that looks dumb.  So I thought instead of using the entire page, I'd use both left and right pages, but leave a big margin for corrections and comments just like medieval manuscripts.  That means I'll pencil a box of a certain dimension on each page and write within the box.  I wondered what the "proper" dimensions of the text box, or even if there were such a thing as a "proper" dimension.

J.A. Van de Graaf wondered the same thing after studying manuscripts and early books of the last half of the 15th century.  Using the tools and methods of the era, he derived a system of dividing book pages using a "secret canon."  
I traced out a few pages of my journal using the secret canon and it made my…

We are all immigrants from the past. Or will be.

One day you will fall asleep in your quarters high in the imperial tower of the capital of Now. You will awaken in a ditch in some cornfield out in the sticks.
Actually not. You will awaken in the same tower in the same city, but while you were sleeping, the capital of Now will have changed locations. You will have to find out where it has moved and pack your bags. After a while you will become used to this – perhaps even good at it -- and learn to pack light.

The new capital of Now, New Capital, is a bit like Old Capital, but the practices are a bit different. As you have done a number of times before, you will learn the new ways, the new practices, the new language.

Dream transcription with soundtrack #1

Share Improvisation on Handel: Largo ("Ombra Mai Fu", 'Xerxes') by Gabriela Montero
[Note: Soundtrack will open in new window.  If you aren't a subscriber, you can sign in for free.  This is the only way I could get this particular piece of music here.]

The King of Persia from the shade of his balcony gazes into the distance.  The depth of the sky suspends a vast city of clouds below which a network of buildings and streets are mirrored.

A drop of ink falls into a glass of clear water creating an ink-flower that blossoms words that form and disappear.  These words have come to many people by turn over the years just as they come and go here. Strands of ink coil and uncoil, form and dissolve in gentle currents.  
...things continue... ...continue by becoming... ...becoming something... ...something they are not... continuing... ...they cease to be... ...what they were... ceasing to be... ...what they were... ...they continue...
There are many more words…

Update: Blogger doesn't suck as much as it used to

Blogger now has some pretty decent mobile templates. This is how DougNote used to look on an iPhone:

And this is how it looks now -- you can actually read the text:

Prediction: Apple will redefine cloud media services using the iPad 2

OK, the iPad 2, I got it figured out.  [Oh, and I was going to post a thing saying where I've been and why I've been away etc. but later okay?]  This post will lack links to sources and support for my speculation because there really isn't any.  This is indeed speculation, a guess, but a smart one (IMHO) that I haven't seen anyone venture and I want some credit when it comes to pass.
This post predicts what the iPad 2 will be about.  First, here's some footage of Apple's huge data center in North Carolina.  It's finished, it's warm, it's ready to go: