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The guerrilla writer's minimalist arsenal, part 1

Sometimes, all you have is a few square feet of concrete and something to say.  Surrounding you, stifling you, the multi-billion dollar froth of corporate media and mediocrity.  What is a reasonable man to do?  

Preview part 2: Stowaway Bluetooth Drivers -- info anyone?

I can't actually get this Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard to work with my iPhone. The company went under and I can't find any documentation for it. If anyone has gotten it to work with an iPhone let me know!

Update 9/28/10, 12:07 pm:  OK, I got it to work but the problem is that once it times out it is very hard to get it to reconnect.  By comparison, Apple's keyboard has an "instant on" feature that will wake the iPhone by hitting any key.  You pays your money and takes your choice...

Coming soon: On the cheap and light -- is an iPhone and keyboard enough?

The gimmick of the coming article is (will be) that it will be completely written on the iPhone with something like this tiny rig. I'll be posting to DougNote by emailing the article to the Blogger posting address (a closely guarded secret that only I know -- along with Blogger and their corporate owner Google who is so secret you probably have not even heard of them).

I was going to post tonight, but I decided I didn't like these photos. They look like photos some blogger took by setting the rig on a little folding floor table in his apartment. Which, of course, is what they are.

But I think I can do better and will try shooting something more interesting tomorrow night. And yes, true to the spirit of this post, I am writing it with the above pictured configuration. Everyone I've shown these photos to has laughed. I too like to laugh. But I laugh at danger! Talk to you again soon...

Surfing The Shallows on an iPad -- a Book Review

I looked forward to reading The Shallows, What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, by Nicholas Carr, but thought it would be a fitting challenge to read the ebook version on the iPad.  Could I read a book about how the internet is wrecking our ability to read books on the preeminent internet skateboard of the moment? 

Coming soon: Book review of The Shallows

I'm just sitting down to write my review of The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr, but I don't think I'll make my self-imposed deadline of tonight.  So to the people I promised, this is to show that I'm here and laboring on this rather than out and about on this wonderful, beautiful, Saturday night.  
I gathered my notes to start writing the review, and I noticed how my desktop actually described what Carr writes about.  So I took a picture.  That's not very well put.  Maybe I should just have some wine and go to sleep...
-- H. Doug Matsuoka 11 September 2010 Makiki, Honolulu

Crazy Talk: Why I read Charles Hugh Smith's blog, Of Two Minds

[Over to the right there is a short list of blogs I read.  I'll be rotating that list every now and then, as well as writing about why I read them.  Doug]

Back in 2006 there was some crazy talk about the decline in home prices bringing down the whole economy of the country and even the world, but that's what it was, "crazy talk."  Every morning, my "real estate bubble" Google alert would reliably bring me entries from beyond the fringes of the Main Stream Media.  I justified the time of reading through some of the more entertaining ramblings as part of my job at the Honolulu Board of Realtors.  I was the Director of Technology during the half dozen years surrounding that point when "The Bubble" met "The Peak" and -- predictably -- popped.